With evolving and rapid development of new convention and exhibition facilities, hotels, integrated resorts and themed entertainment precincts throughout Asia, and the world’s growing focus on economic engagement in Asia, RAMS is poised to assume a leadership role in the strong growth of conventions and meetings market in the entire region. 

The awakening of the Governments throughout Asia, to the fact that hosting these kinds of meetings is critical to global economic and intellectual engagement, RAMS believes that the Governments’ adding of MICE development to their economic policy statements is key to their economic development strategies. In support of this, RAMS strives and continues to grow aggressively within and beyond Singapore in support of this business.


We share your thoughts on the needs to create spaces and comfort zones for your events.

RAMS has a wealth of inventory that spans from Exhibition/System Panels to furniture to enhance your event image or theme. With an aim to stay ahead in the MICE industry, our inventory is consistently being updated in order to suit your event's needs. From a simple cocktail event to a major conference, we will lay them out for you!


Mag-BaseTM is a miracle product with permanent magnetic property, excellent stability and flexibility, achieved from the smart combination of ferrite magnet powder and synthetic rubber

The product comes with either single-sided magnetized with adhesive on the other, or double-sided magnetized. It can be easily folded and cut to any desired shapes and sizes without damaging its magnetic property.

Print-MetalTM is a magnetic receptive product that works seamlessly with Mag-BaseTM stacking up to multiple layers.

Laminated with PVC and deliberated with printable capabilities, Print-MetalTM is suitable for UV, Eco-Solvent, Solvent and Latex printings.

Print-MagnetTM is the world’s thinnest printable magnet. One side of the printable magnet is laminated with PVC and the other magnetized. The magnetized side can be applied directly to any smooth metal surface with ease. Print-MagnetTM is suitable for UV, Eco-Solvent, Solvent and Latex inks.


Roxwell Cling Solutions offer a wide range of high quality, Bubble-Free, Environmentally-Friendly and Printable films specially engineered with Nano-sized Suction Cups Technology to suit most indoor display purposes. There is no adhesive needed to attach the film to any smooth application surface. Hence, the film can be easily removed and it leaves no residue on the applied surface. The film is washable, reusable and is highly compatible with Eco-Solvent and Latex printings for optimum performance. The available films come in White, Clear and Frosted options.

Bubble-Free Cling Rewritable Gloss Whiteboard is another new generation product that employs the Nano-sized Suction Cups Technology. Due to the versatility, easy installation and removable characteristics, the Whiteboard is commonly used to overlap the existing stained and old whiteboard in the learning or discussion environment.



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Roxwell produces all kinds of modern and wooden art pieces for events, homes and offices. From simple photo walls, display stands to sophisticated stage backdrops for events, to shoe cabinets and wardrobes for homes, and conference tables for offices, our perfect team of Masters fabricate them all, and craft them well.

Backed with extensive experience, latest equipment and supported by in-house creative gurus, we are always able to translate our clients’ needs and wants into physical design and products.

In a nutshell, we provide you the best solutions within your budget with our quarter century of wood play and know-how. 


In the recent years, advances in technology have been rapid with the continuing evolution of printheads and inks, and digital has now become the preferred format for many display applications.

While the growth in demand for large format print continues across the entire digital spectrum with reasons driven by the desire for higher quality, faster throughput and the need for reliability, it is observed that users of machines are not only servicing the conventional market requirements but are also moving to new niche and speciality area where digital technology can realise jobs that, formerly were not feasible. The ability to experiment with inkjet and different materials is simplified because of fast set-up and changeover, the ease of the pre-press process and the viability of producing one-offs or very low volumes.

At Roxwell, we understand our clients’ needs and work seamlessly with them for the ideal solution with our wide range of products, including A Boards, Banner Stands, Car Decals, Pop Displays, Poster Printing, Trade Show Displays, Pillar Wraps and Construction Hoarding Signage.


We have not seen but may have heard that mankind during the prehistoric era was already working on cave paintings and using signs to identify, communicate, warn, direct and entice. In this modern Las Vegas Strip era, we have moved with leaps and bounds with the aid of advanced technology to present business communication in different forms and manners.

In consideration of our clients’ businesses, our craftsmen work around five basic elements – Shape, Colour, Complexity, Text and Placement,  when creating each signage in order to deliver the best solution.

The use of signage to communicate a message or an information to a specific group of audience is often paramount to a business. This is typically manifested in the forms of banners, billboards, murals, street signs, street name signs, safety signs, lightboxes and sandwich boards in varying shapes, sizes and texts with clear intent.

We know the first impression of your business counts and we work to enhance your business visibility by first understanding your business and branding needs, thereafter working out an out-of-the-box solution to heighten the needed awareness or perhaps to trigger sales and increase the average sale dollars.