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Technology has infiltrated almost every aspect of our lives, in a primal way. This is especially evident in the way social media has transformed the way we interact with one another, unlocking ideas from isolation and allowing digital freedom of expression (in some countries).

With the emergence of social media sites and applications, knowledge transfer is almost instantaneous. Social media is not just for personal entertainment, it is also a great strategic tool for businesses or anyone wanting to develop a professional network.

Allow us to illustrate and navigate you through the importance of social media marketing and the online marketing service we offer to ensure you stay on trend. Regardless of size, a small local store or a national company, social media is an indispensable component of your business strategy.


Despite popular belief, not all social media platforms are created equal. Each has something different to offer but many could fit into multiple categories. With the increased and greater need for a social presence, it may be overwhelming to pick which social channels to use. But we are here for you. We help you make informed decisions to optimise a high degree of salience, projecting a clear and focused media strategy that will work for your business. Below are some well-tested types of social media:


Social networks are built around the users and everything that’s important to them and their social circle, connecting and exchanging thoughts, knowledge, interest and content with others alike. They help your business via branding, social awareness, relationship building, customer service, lead generation, conversion. The list is pretty much endless.

  • Facebook: A goldmine for newbies and marketers to capture attention and build relationship on a personal level, while growing customer-base. It is also a showroom to market your product and promote online sales, where users can see the product and purchase it through other channels. With its diverse demographics and boosting capabilities, Facebook ads can reach everyone or just a few who are most likely to find your ads relevant.

  • Twitter: Despite Twitter’s currently active users being half the number of users on Facebook, it can have a better advantage in brand building with a faster reaction time. Don’t let the 140-character limit fool you, concise and timely business tweet announcements can effectively spark interest and create conversion. It is important to capture the audience’s intention, which will then increase qualified leads that will ultimately covert into sales.

  • Linkedin: Far beyond a job seeking and career development platform, Linkedin can be used to grow and market your business professionally. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Linkedin reaches out to a totally different group of audiences, those who are all set to do business. This cultivate credibility within a meaningful corporate network and glean insider expertise from established industry. Leverage on its in-built content sharing tool to circulate in-depth content expressing your industry knowledge.


Visual content like infographics, photographs and videos capture hearts, eyes and imaginations. They give brands a place to curate and share media on the web, worth a thousand words to your business.

  • Instagram: Switching to an Instagram business profile that is attached to your Facebook page grants you the access to create and publish Instagram ads and promoted posts. You can also gain analytical insights about the impressions and performance of your posts.

  • YouTube: A video hosting platform can reach and engage your core audience. Soaring in popularity for video content, Youtube has become the second largest search engine behind its parent company, Google. As many use Youtube to view and digest videos, not necessarily to engage, it will be more effective to direct your digital strategy into the niche of content marketing. This is a huge opportunity for you to establish one of a kind information that addresses user needs and optimising your channel for search to attract traffic. Having seen them in action, Youtube ads can also fine-tune your marketing strategy by allocating some budget into skippable and non-skippable in-stream video ads.


Through blogs and publications, content marketing can encourage discovery, sharing and commenting. Carve a targeted community for your brand by finding your voice and setting a clear vision to gain visibility.

  • WordPress: Other than automating posts, bolstering search traffic and syndicating content, WordPress offers a sheer number of user-friendly plugins to add new features to your website that will help harvest an integrated marketing communication strategy. With WordPress social stream, you can create a combined feed from multiple social platforms to display on your site. Such platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn.


Before you jump into the bandwagon, it is important to set goals that are tied to your business objectives and target them to your defined social platforms. Get ready to dominate and penetrate new markets with these powerful business-building principles:


Because every social media network has its own audience demographics with different expectations, it calls for understanding the various content types (articles, videos and images) your target viewers engage with most on each platform. The right nature of shared content streamlines and sharpens your marketing efforts, driving a customer-centric plan that outlines your business goals and online personality.


With such high volume of content produced on a regular basis, maintaining a social media scheduling calendar enables you to plan ahead, allocate more time and budget investments to boost engagement.

Remember to embody quality over quantity in your marketing strategy. Focus less on the competition and more on bringing better targeted, more personalised, highly creative conversations.


Communication has drastically advanced over the last years, creating a new avenue for facilitating daily social interaction. No longer do you have to go through third party media to disseminate your message, you can be in control and speak directly to your target audience. If you need help with copywriting and building communication bridges, we can strategize valuable and cohesive messages that resonates with your target audience to achieve your objectives. We protect, enhance and strengthen brand reputation through positivity and formulating the best response of action.


As your company’s social media accounts flourish with more followers, there will definitely be more talks, interactions and engagements. Take consumer generated media seriously via active social listening for customer feedback and direct mentions of your brand. By listening, you can create content your followers desire, innovate new ideas based on industry trend and improve customer experience by continuously shifting your customer strategy to fit the current need.


The difference: While reporting translates raw data into information, analysis transform data into insights. In a highly competitive world, where there is an increasing demand for business data to make data-driven trajectories, established companies have implemented both valuable drivers in their team’s critical framework. This enables you to not only uncover problems but also solutions, providing pattern recognition and actionable recommendations that will ultimately improve brand performance and maximise desired outcomes.


Lastly, inject the right information delivery strategy and business intelligence into social media advertising to digitally associate individuals to the brand. This can be achieved through organic or paid socials. When considering the latter, do not put all your eggs in one basket, channel different types of social media campaigns on various networks to broaden your reach. Managing both aspects takes time and planning for a well-executed campaign that is worth your effort.

Riding the Waves of Social Media

With such astounding growth of people logging on to social media sites, the social media industry is bound to peak further. Hence, your business should take advantage of this to survive in this influential technological era.

At Roxwell, we go that extra mile to ensure your campaign works at full capacity. From ideation to creation to execution, we establish a unique brand voice and shape the tone the best way possible with compelling story angles that resonates with your brand’s personality.

Are you looking for support for your online marketing? Get social with us and Contact us for an end-to-end social media management and marketing solutions across all social media platforms.

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