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Material Matters: Built to the perfect fit

In the fast-paced furniture industry, where trends continue to evolve, homeowners are conflicted between choosing the right ready-made furniture or designing state-of-the-art custom made pieces.

While flat-pack and mass produced furniture come at great convenience, many a time off the shelf furniture may not fit the oddly shaped apartments in Singapore. With many easily accessible and experienced interior design companies, don’t make do with what is out there, opt for custom furniture that transforms your sanctuary to reflect your personality rather than having it look like an IKEA showroom.

Gone are the days when every furniture and fitting in the room needs to match. The beauty of interior design is all about piecing together various styles to attain a perfect blend of textures and patterns. Why restrict this process to only finishes and colours, play around with material combinations to create an intriguing and refreshingly unique look.


As some say, there cannot be too much of a good thing. The same applies to using wood to elevate your home aesthetics. Wood is a versatile material that has a strong connection with our roots (no pun intended). With the tone on tone technique that complements all interior elements, it gives a great highlight to an otherwise humdrum room, bringing out the organic beauty of the material. The very important detail lies in the meticulous grain selection, where the grain continuity becomes the preponderance of the design – transforming your furniture from a functional piece to a work of art.


Introducing an organic-meets-modern vibe to your space, the combination of wood and metal seamlessly unites the earths element together in furniture design. The warmness of wood integrated with the cold metal creates a perfect matrimony of synergy and wholesomeness. Indeed, black steel and brown natural wood is a true winner, ensuring easy coordination with minimalistic design concepts. However, never miss the opportunity to level up your design by adding your own special personal touch.


Wooden furniture with glass table tops trend contemporary and sophistication, setting an ambience in the kitchen or dining hall. The transparent surface extends the decorative influence of its intricate base below, readily blending art and function. While, wood can create an industrial table, the glass top keeps it from feeling too heavy. As an added bonus, glass is a great protective surface, that can be customised to fit any size and shape. You don’t even have to worry about maintenance - all you need is a good quality cleaning solution to have your table looking immaculate.


There is no denying the elegance of a glass-topped table with metallic base. It exudes a level of finesse that enhances the overall appearance of your space – instantly lighting up the room and conferring an airy light feel. The lasting durability of glass and metal is not only a necessity for your centrepiece but its classic reputation also grows with your ever-changing lifestyle and taste.


Give your abode a touch of exquisiteness and grandeur luxury by employing marble and steel in your living room or bathroom. Not only do they provide a rich quality of materiality but also bestow a fresh take on conventional interiors. Using well-thought distinctive features of patterns and colours will create intermittent continuity, achieving a timeless look that reflects your personal style.


The unique teaming of misty veined marble and natural wood grain breathes life to a modern home. Their organic patterning renders contrast, while keeping the ergonomics refined and cutting-edge. For instance, an ivory marble countertop with wooden accent cabinetry adds interest and movement to the space. Another great way to bring a contemporary twist is to adapt a floating wooden vanity to create illusion of increased space.

Decorating a new space or indulging in a makeover?

In a culture of mass-produced goods designed to be disposable, all under the influence of convenience, the temptation to head to furniture stores to solve all your renovation woes is real.

What if we told you that customising furniture is not as

timely and expensive as you think.

At Roxwell, we understand homeowners need to make the most of their spaces more than ever. We too love to stay in a home that reigns supreme and comfort. With our in-house ability to create bespoke made-to-measure furniture at affordable prices, we work with you to make your home as unique as you are. Think chairs, tables, wardrobes, storage, kitchen cabinetry - we cover all aspects of a project, whether residential or commercial.

Tired of playing tetris with your furniture and swoon to make an impression? Contact us now

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