Whether you are giving your home a complete makeover or just looking at ways to freshen it up, every decision counts, even to the smallest details like carpentry hardware. Thinking through the design of your cabinetry will minimise future frustration and maximise its functionality.

Selecting or customising your new cabinet may seem like a lot of work, but it can also be an abundance of fun. From decorative knobs and pulls to the latest innovations, we will feature a variety of cabinet hardware that can completely change the feel of your space.


The most prominent hardware for your cabinetry is the handle and knobs. Deciding between the two is purely personal predilection, some may choose to go for both in the same finish. While traditional hardware remains in trend, the wave of minimalism lends a sleeker and more streamlined style. In all, the key is to pick a design that matches the theme of your home. It’s these little touches that will indefinitely add to the aesthetical value in the specific section.


For traditional homes, you will notice cabinets that are ornate and detailed, with raised center panel cabinets. These decorative moldings are brought to life with knobs adorning the upper cabinet and lower cabinets featuring pulls of similar design.


Contemporary style of decorating is defined by simplicity, sophistication and considering the structural elements. Using simple slim rectangular bar handles or curved barrel on flat cabinet fronts can invoke a clean polished elegance.


Embedded in the design, recessed handles are made by cutting the cabinet front at an angle to allow easy opening of drawers and doors. For upper cabinets, the recessed groove is located below the door, while the groove is above bottom cabinets.


Cabinet hinges and drawer slides may seem basic but they are crucial parts of the functional system, serving as the anchor. While there are different types of hinges, they are classified into two types:

Mortise hinge:

Cutting a recess in the wood to fit the hinge. This installation requires skill, precision and attention to detail to ensure the inset cut holds the hardware captive and will not move under the stress of door movements.

Non- mortise hinge:

Quick and easy alternative. Attached with screws, without the need to cutout the wood for proper mounting.

As cabinets in your kitchen, bathroom and bedroom serve different purposes, it is important to find the right type for the job. Some are solely decorative, whereas others help cabinet doors close in distinct ways. These are features you will want to consider before purchasing the hinges.