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The environment can influence your mood. A modern and attractive workplace has become just as important as an attractive pay-check. Like how office interiors are designed with employee’s happiness in mind and productivity being the natural by-product, homes can be just as versatile, if not better.

A home is more than just 4 walls and a roof. It is surely a comfort zone and a place for you to feel safe and relaxed. With deliberation, a home is also a personal space to express your creativity and evoke happiness. Whether you are going for a unique look, or finding creative solutions for your storage woes, custom carpentry can tackle all kinds of space challenges.

Today, we will shed light on amazing interior carpentry design principles that will be the perfect inspiration to make informed choices and create a well-designed living space.


When designing a space, the matching of its purpose to achieve a home design that is both appealing and functional is nothing, but crucial. Defining the space with colours and furniture sets a clear layout, and it all starts from the entrance where your home begins.

Less is more? Committing to a minimalistic design does offer openness and lightness. Nonetheless, the consideration of storage areas such as shelving options to prevent cluttering is perhaps not a trade-off. Thus, taking your time to look for complimentary furniture is an essential business! Remember, every element - including shapes, colour palette and well-built furnishing is necessary to create a soothing and inviting space of timeless aesthetics.


Sometimes, we tend to over focus on the big picture when we start planning for our dream home. For the design to be comprehensive and successful, we need to lavish as much attention on the fine details as we do on everything else.


Like fingerprints, the grains of each tree are unique. This is an essential design detail to take note of. Not only do the types of wooden grain determine the strength and surface of the wood, but it also makes all the difference between a rustic, contemporary and industrial style.

Wood adds a natural warmth to interiors across all design spectrums and in just about any space. The extensive array of wood species, ranging in textures, colours and patterns, gives interior designers the flexibility to propose stunning design concepts for diverse eclectic and versatile structures.

Many authentic woodworking projects predominantly use expensive and exotic wood types to accentuate the modern architectural features, which can be costly.

- Solid wood furniture: Made completely of the same species of all-natural wood, exposing all its original knots and features.

- Veneer furniture: Constructed by gluing thin layers of real hardwood together to a stable substrate, creating the look of solid wood furniture with a lighter core. The best and most interesting logs are cut into veneer, allowing for uniformity of crisscross designs and arrangements of the wood.

Bearing the resemblance of organic wood and feel, laminate furniture consists of synthetic materials that is printed to obtain its wood grains appearance. Not to say laminates isn’t stylish. With fully customisable colours and finishes, it offers a broader range of design options. Hence, if cost is your only qualifier, laminate is definitely a practical and sophisticated way to subsume the biophilia trend.

As always, speak with a manufacturer for details and discover the

final results with the right wood.


Surprisingly, committing to suitable interior fittings compliments the choice of wood. The abundant options for style, size and finish are often overlooked in lieu of the larger design elements. A carefully thought-out combination of knobs, handles and other opening closing mechanisms is necessary to define your interior design style. For instance, elaborate handles complement traditional environment, while smooth sleek stainless steel or sometimes without any visible hardware enhances the minimal contemporary edge. Especially in a larger living space, you may want to add variations to add subtle visual interest, giving your home a disputed character.


Small as it may be compared to a regular bedroom, the entryway plays an unexpectedly significant role in setting the tone for the rest of your home. Not only is it an area that you’ll inevitably walk past day in day out, it’s also the first space that your guest encounters.

Manage leaving footwear in the open at the entrance with a stylish shoe cabinet. For smaller homes or apartment, modularity is best to maintain order and cleanliness. Available in various design and materials, these shoe cabinets can also top as a designated touchdown point for keys and mails to neatly clutter. If budget is not a concern, you may also consider leveraging on a furniture manufacturer to customise or laminate your cabinets to match with your existing setup. Additionally, offering a seat with in-built storage creates a warm welcoming and comfortable place to take shoes off and having necessities like umbrellas at the ready.

Ensure the right impression! Start thinking of the entrance as part of your personal space, rather than simply a convenient place to drop your stuff.


Space is a precious commodity in most homes. Thus, soft edged furniture are ideal to make a room feel more spacious. Such interiors are also easy on the eye, boosting your well-being and exuding a sense of flow to the space. That goes to say, not every interior item needs to be curved. Focus on table and seating solutions that invigorates a sanctuary space for you to chill out and decompress.


Let’s face it! Most of us are secret hoarders. There’s always that contemplation “what if” thought before throwing anything away. And the next thing you know, it’s back to stay.

Time to end a destructive relationship with your clutter! Getting organised can be life changing – forever!


A clean, organised closet is simply the best! Imagine, never having to lean your entire bodyweight against a heaving clothes collection to shove an extra hanger in or deal with falling wobbly sweater piles. With compartmented storage organisation, it streamlines your morning routine, meaning less stress trying to piece an outfit together and getting that extra sleep you crave for.

Bonus points for hidden doors that camouflage with the walls or get an updated look with mirrored sliding wardrobe doors


Creatively done up, accent wall with storage can turn a plain wall into clean and sleek functional storage space in an instant. Scoring two birds with one stone, it is indeed the best way to beef up limited living space, while aesthetically highlighting certain decorative elements. Thoughtfully designed, be it shaped or modular cabinets, etagere, pegboard set-ups, these wall-mounted display hack can improve the shape, balance and design harmony of the room.


Torn between buying a big bed or sacrificing comfort to allocate more room for storage units? The amazing and efficient solution of a storage bed is just for you. Maximising existing spaces, it packs mean built-in storage beneath the mattress, resolving the issue of having limited space and keeping your belongings neatly secluded. These covered creations are fabricated with durable materials with drawers or empty room below the bed or behind the headboard to store your precious treasures.


Designing a kitchen isn’t as simple as following a recipe but with a few adjustments, you can maximise its function and visual size, even in a petite space.


Conventional shelving and cabinets that run deep in increases cost and things get lost. Rather than installing new cabinetry, a solution to kitchen cabinet clutter is a whole lot simpler with a simple upgrade of pull-out organisers that help you retrieve and store items at the back with ease. This niffy drawer system which swivels smoothly and quietly out, comes in handy and specially for cabinet corners to optimise every square inch.


Take advantage of the open wall space. Nothing more simple and cheap than removing doors from your storage areas. Section the empty space with shelves to proudly showcase your fancy chinaware or other products to your guest. Decant bulk items into glass containers to keep ingredients and condiments neat and visible.

Opting for a partly cabinet-free kitchen makes a strong statement when done right. But if dust is your main concern. Glass doors for your cupboards to put your full collection on display, can offset that closed-in feeling, making the kitchen appear brighter and more cheerful.

Another way to make use of vertical spaces is by installing a riser or adjustable hooks to hang your pots and pan to avoid the cluttering and crashing of kitchenware avalanche. Mounting a multifunctional aluminium strip on your backsplash for kitchen towel holders and even magnetic knife holders can also keep your countertop clear.

This less confined concept has the power to unravel a lot of new storage solutions. There’s something for every style and budget.

Transform your living space into something uniquely you

From subtle design details that affect the interior’s overall look, to functional technicalities that can greatly improve usability, Roxwell is dedicated to ensure that your dream home looks and feels exactly as you envisioned.

Want to push your design boundaries and explore out of the box? You came to the right place.

Our team of 3D in-house designers will work alongside with you to advise and propose visualisations to create a highly individualistic home for you.


We have extended our consultation service and are available on Whatsapp. Make your e-appointment here

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