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FEATURE WALL: An Experiential Transformation to Your Space

Not sure what to do with that big blank wall?

Whether it’s a bold change or a subtle upgrade, feature walls are alive and well in the interior industry. They provide great opportunities to experiment with stylish colour, texture and materials to liven up your space.

Essentially a canvas, not only for artworks or colour but also to aesthetically bring experience to your space, a feature wall can be used in any room and location. Today, we will walk you through the key elements to accent the right wall, bringing balance and design into your home, office and even institution.

Home: Family room, Dining room, Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom

Office: Communal Workspace, Meeting Room, Pantry, Breakout/Relax Corner

Institution: Corridors, Library, Classroom, Auditorium, Gymnasium/ Sports Hall, Cafeterias, Authoritative offices


Build a contrast in your colour scheme, with a fresh floor-to-ceiling coat of paint, to refresh your abode or office. Painted accent walls look best solid, meaning there are no distractions from doors and windows.

Rather than competing, the best way to connect your accent wall to the rest of its surrounding is to repeat one of the colours already present in the room. It could be your throw pillow, dramatic wall art or any other decorative piece.

Monochromatic: For a subtle approach, most people go for neutral or muted colours for larger areas of their space. Play around with the different saturation on the colour chart to display a discernible outlook. Choosing darker colours will look more organic, creating its classic look.

Pop: Alternatively, make a bold impression and character with a colour pop of excitement. Choosing the right colours can visually correct the shape of the room. For instance, a warm colour palette such as yellow and orange makes the wall appear closer, thus would be ideal for large rooms or end of a long narrow hallway to foreshorten the length of the room, heightening the cosiness of the space. While, brushing up on cooler colours, like green, blue and purpose can help widen the perception of the room.


Go beyond paint and it make it with textures! Tactile walls are complete in themselves. They create interest in a room by adding a depth of illusion without introducing too much colour.


With the pursuit of harmony and nature, wood has always been the most popular and versatile decorative material to make statement walls. The options are endless: Appreciate the beauty in the imperfection of natural wood, engineered wood or laminates to bring warmth into any space.

While, darker wood gives the room a mature, cosy feel, lighter wood offers an airy, seamless yet contemporary look. Incorporate with white walls and light soft furnishing for a clean Scandinavian inspired style. The choice is yours.


Softening the walls with a fabric-clad creates a warm and inviting elegant intimacy. It not only dictates a sense of singularity, but also sets an eclectic tone right from playfulness, elegance to sophistication. With the vast array of fabric colours, patterns, prints and texture, there will be one that will meet your project requirement and personal preference. While solid plain fabrics all have their place, don’t shy away from whimsical patterns with bold colours. When done right, they can add invigorating visual interest and exciting contrast. Take your time to hang collected samples on the wall to find your perfect upholstery that suits the style and ambience you are trying to create.

Killing two birds with one stone, fabric wrapped acoustic panels are effective aesthetic solutions for noise and sound mitigation. They absorb unwanted background noise and reduce echoes, providing premium sound quality and clarity. Great for schools, music rooms, auditoriums, offices and home theatres, the multitude of fabric wrap finishes, sizes, shapes and configuration presents limitless design for your indoor space.


The ocular and biophilic benefits of incorporating artificial or a living green wall system in homes and workplaces have become a rising new trend. This eye-catching pop of green statement piece creates a serene milieu and sublime sense of well-being as you travel through the space. Ultimately, your well-placed greenery will add a dimension of a tropical oasis, welcoming connectivity and relaxation, especially at the entry way, in living rooms or pantry areas.


Being practical in your home design is a must, especially for small work and personal environments. Nevertheless, functionality without form is banal, which is why your TV wall can be a powerful statement of achieving the optimum viewing angle without breaking the bank.

By mounting your TV on the wall or displaying it on a raised console display creates the illusion of space in the heart of your hall. It also presents storage for keeping your media cables organised. Running a backing panel vertically and constructing offset shelves of the same material is a great way to give added texture to visually hold the entire arrangement together.


Wall Vinyl Sticker

Why settle for permanent and static prints, when you can go for ever-changing designs. The secret lies in a simple science. With Roxwell’s magnetic base, any typical room walls can be transformed into a magnetic surface for your interchangeable messaging and even collaborative efforts.


Using the same magnetic receptive base allows for your wall mural to be converted into a full size blank whiteboard. Designed with daily use in mind, our dry-erase boards enable you to track, plan and schedule your day to day task, keeping your family, employees or students in check.

Some application ideas to get your creative juices churning:

· Homes: A children’s bedroom or playroom should be a haven that grows with your child, a space of comfort and a reflection of identity. Balancing childlike imagination with adult practicality, our sensory interior design allows for stimulation beyond compare and better yet, a route out of messiness- moving play area from the floor to the walls with movable interactive pop-ups, where they can create their own lively cityscape. As they mature over the years, this print metals can be swapped with a design suited to their changing interest and style. If you find that their aesthetic sensibility clashes with the overall concept of your home, you may consider the whiteboard alternative for a creative canvas where they can unleash their imaginations on.

· Institutions: If ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’ is your school’s motto, this magnetic concept is perfect for your students. It not only introduces bespoke wall graphics in the school but also cultivates an interactive experience. Enrich your entrance, canteen, corridor, staircases with a wow factor, inspiring learning and promoting your values and visions. With the flexibility of replacing the visuals, it can be anything you want it to be: Key motivational messages, A heritage wall, Educational wall, Show and tell corner.

· Office: While an open office floor plan helps to collaborate and function as a team, teamwork requires building relationships. With a centrally located whiteboard, co-workers can come together to discuss and plan aloud, fostering a positive and stronger organisational culture. However, it is also made available for every member in their own respective rooms. When not in use, these whiteboards can be easily rolled out to welcome your corporate branding display, which can make great professional backgrounds for your virtual conferences.


Having a feature wall is like adding an exclamation mark after an interjection – it expresses a strong element of surprise and visual phenomenon. No matter what budget you are working with, you can refresh any wall into a show stopping feature, calling attention to a visual centrepiece.

At Roxwell, we have a vast experience in constructing all kinds of feature wall, from different types of texture to finishes and even adding hidden storage compartments. We are all about designing with experience and synchronising with our customer’s lifestyle. It’s fun to go beyond the pale.

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