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Especially in big cities where there is a constant fear of burglary, security has become a major concern. With exterior doors given the utmost attention for safety and privacy, they are well-designed with adequate thickness, durability and stability of construction.

However, in modern age, doors have been governed beyond practicality, they have also hold aesthetic importance in creating the first impression and a warm welcoming reception. Hence, when thinking about an entrance, these specific objectives should not be ignored to find the best choice for your door.


While your front door greets family, friends, and neighbours, it plays an even larger role in keeping unwanted people out. Without a sturdy and secure front door, it is simply an open invitation to thieves. This brings us to the most essential appliance – door locks, from keyless entry to traditional locksets.


Unlike regular door knobs, deadbolts provide the best protection against break-in, featuring a unique locking mechanism that requires a specialised key to rotate the lock cylinder. This makes it harder to pick open with a knife or hand tool and can’t be compromised with a credit card. Deadbolts can be both single and double cylinder designs, with double cylinder offering an additional layer of protection. A third variation is a hybrid between the two, which allows for the thumb turn to be locked in the inside. In a residential situation, the thumb turn can be left unlocked while people are in the house and when everyone is leaving, especially for an extended period, the thumb turn can be easily locked. This provides maximum flexibility and security as the deadbolt cannot be unlocked even if someone has access from the inside.

Handleset Locks

From angular to flowing, classic to contemporary finishing, a handleset can elevate the entry of your home- an elegant showpiece that compliments decorative front doors with speciality or delicate curved glass. Not only a perfect introduction to your home but it also provides a certified security with a two-piece configuration of a thumb turn deadbolt upper lock and thumb opening on the bottom.

Electronic Keypad

Electronic locks do not require keys to lock and unlock them, instead they operate by entering a digital code. Eliminating the possibility of lost keys, this combination key system also allows for a manual key access and offer the convenience of keyless entry with a backlit keypad for increased visibility.

Smart locks

Many people often group smart and electronic locks together but there is a fine line between the two. Smart lock systems integrate wireless and Bluetooth enabled technology to enable remote access control, usually with a mobile device. This makes for some exciting features and a real-time level of security which allows you to prevent any unauthorised entry.


The right choice of material is critical for the longevity and visual appearance of the door. A strong solid door is a powerful deterrent of intruders and gives your entrance a stylist flair. Based on the material of manufacture, some of their types along with their main feature are highlighted to facilitate an easy selection for you.

Wood or solid timber

Never out of fashion with a rich sense of character and beauty of its own, wooden or timber door is a top premium choice for home owners. They are heavily constructed and offer easy personalisation with decorative glass accent and side lights. Many dress up their doors with fresh coat of paint, but some prefer it stained to keep the authenticity of the natural wood grain.


No material on the market is tougher than steel. Hence, know that a steel font door is potentially the safest options in terms of intrusions, offering outstanding security and higher insulating value than wood doors. In addition, it is praised for its energy efficiency as well as prolonged functional life.


There is nothing quite like sunlight streaming into your home. A full glass entry can energise an unobstructed open-air view of the garden, which can be uplifting and aggrandise the perfect elegant richness. However, even with these benefits there are numerous factors to consider before deciding. For starters, unless you stay in a penthouse or have a gated community, a glass door may not offer the level of privacy and security you desire. It is also equally important to invest in a double-paned glass for additional protection and insulation. Herewith, one is expected to pay top dollar for such quality door, along with its maintenance.


Fibreglass is becoming a more popular choice for homeowners because of their durability and aversion to weather damage. Because these doors are resistant to warping and bowing, they are ideal for humid countries. As noted, their wood-mimicking finishes adorn a natural look and feel of traditional wood. Not surprisingly, they come with a higher price tag- comparable to higher-end wood. However, their long-term energy efficiency may be worth it when evaluating savings down the road.


Your front door is the gateway to your home, a preview of your personality. Through colour, style and design, you can elevate the overall appearance - be it traditional, contemporary or even playful.

Statement with colour

Your home’s overall style can help you pick out a front door colour. Though, we have never been one to strictly follow design rules, there are colours that work better with specific styles to create a cohesive exterior design. Using neutral hues, like brown, black grey or navy, have the versatility to adapt to any home interior and can withstand test of time. However, don’t let this stop you from experimenting. If you have a bold colour that really speaks to you, go for it! A bright colour door can make a striking contrast with an otherwise neutral façade, jazzing up your curb appeal.


Placed on the sides of an entry door, sidelights make a grand statement by introducing more natural light to your home. Not only does it provide an enhanced look of importance, pulling it into proportion with other surrounding architectural elements but also creating a sense of openness. The only biggest crucial deciding factor is selecting the right glass type. While, clear glass allows for maximum natural light, be prepared for reduced privacy. On this ground, we advise for a more decorative glass piece as it offers different privacy levels, meanwhile still permitting a large amount of natural light to pass through.


If you are a dog or cat owner, you may have notice spending a countless number of times opening and closing the main door for your furry loved ones. With their own mini custom-made door, life can be made easier, giving them the freedom to walk in and out as they please. Be sure to review the size, safety and location of the pet door, so it’s free from any pipes and wall studs. The step-over should be low enough for your pets to easily lift their feet high enough to walk through the opening. For added safety, many pet doors come with convenient lockable panels to ensure they stay in during rainy days and at night.


The front door may or may not be a place many home owners pay attention to. However, it’s the very first thing your guests encounter when they first walk in. A great front door has big shoes to fill – it must be not only protective, attractive but also set the tone for your entire home décor.

As an old saying goes, “You never get a second change to make a good first impression” and with this mindset, Roxwell believes in delivering valuable entrance solutions in line with your vision. Without breaking the bank, we help you find the right door for your home- giving you access to small, nuanced differences between each style to strike your fancy and pack a huge design punch!

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