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Partners in diversity, flooring and countertops are both very important decorating choices, not only influencing in style but also exemplifying the prime consideration of durable materials, time and expenses of the installation.

Today, we will be focusing on countertops as the topic of discussion. Click here to find out more about its better half.


Everyday, life is filled with many decisions. Well, some may be difficult ones. Choosing a countertop surface is one of them when it comes to home renovations. It goes beyond aesthetic gratification, it is an investment and impression you want to last. This alone is enough to take a second look at your wallet.

1. Your lifestyle.

Sit back and thoroughly think about your lifestyle and how you utilize the spaces in your home. If you fit into the category of either raising hyperactive messy kids or generally having butterfinger syndrome (like me), our tip would be to go for a darker surface that is easier to clean and maintain. Choosing a countertop surface that suits your lifestyle is the first step to a functional kitchen to whip up a good meal, and a luxurious bathroom for a hot bath after work.

2. Dare to be different.

There is no hard and fast rule mandating you to use the same material throughout your home. Marrying different styles of countertops in contrasting materials, colours and textures has definitely been a trend to not only differentiate space, create visual drama, but also adds functionality. For instance, if you are a home baker, it would be appropriate to have marble insets for baking stations.

3. Finding your shade.

First, determine your style, leave the materials to the experts. Pinterest is a renowned platform to help navigate your design eye and organise your mood board ideas. If there is a type that may be impractical for your needs and lifestyle, there is most likely be a different material in a similar colour tone and laminate alternatives available for customisation.

4. Cutting edge.

Keep your options open; Think out of the box. Explore the often-overlooked decorative radius for your countertop, weighing its pros and cons.

Bullnose edges

When sharp-edges are a concern, especially living spaces with young children, the welcoming rounded orientation of bullnose hearths to protect your children’s little bodies from cuts, bumps and bruises, without using rubber safety corners. However, bullnose countertops are not the easiest to keep clean, water spills may follow the curve into the wood cabinetry and may succeed in pushing crumbs to the underside of the counter.

Beveled edges

Versatile in its aesthetic and function, beveled edges complements both modern and rustic interiors. Angled, sleek and clipped flat at a 45-degree angle, these counters are easy to clean and its cut directs liquid spills towards the floor, without damaging the cabinetry.

Mitered edges

Different from any other, mitered edges of fluid design certainly have a place in contemporary home, flowing seamlessly without any obvious joints. Due to its thickness, a stronger cabinetry support will be needed and be prepared to face higher installation charges when opting for this.

Ogee edges

Classic and elegant, Ogee edges have flowing design of arches that pairs nicely with a traditional home. The tiered surface is completely sanded to remain free from splinters and sharp corners, which can be dangerous. Although, more expensive than other edges, its uniqueness and appealing effect brings character to the interior of your living space.

5. Counting the cost.

Mind the varying cost of the materials you choose. For example, each stone prices differently, depending on type, colour, finish and origin. Nowadays, there are plenty of inexpensive products that will help you achieve a high-end look without breaking your budget.

6. Considering maintenance.

Maintenance plays a certain degree in the material decision making. For example, stone countertops require gentle use and greater care to preserve waterproofing and stain resistance. For super-durability and minimal maintenance, engineered countertops is the preferred pick.

7. View and touch.

Before making that final stand, it is important to get up close with the materials in person, be it visit the showroom or request for samples. Ultimately, you would want to know what you are getting for the price you are paying.


Whether it’s your kitchen or bathroom, they both need a countertop. But what kind of style you might ask. Instead of boring you with the attributes of each material (which you can easily google, or reference here), we want to highlight popular trending styles to achieve your desired outlook.

1. Not Milky White

With an array of cabinets and design styles to choose from, white is a classic and most versatile colour. In rooms that contain mostly white furnishing, pure white countertops are especially favoured in small space to effectively create an illusion of a bigger space, bringing freshness and a contemporary look to a room.

Conversely, homeowners enjoy contrasting stark white countertops with natural or bold shades to attain a great deal of character and visual break. Juxtaposing the finish of the countertop and cabinet, namely polished or matte, would also invite a different feel to your kitchen or bathroom.

2. Dark Elegance

Dark counters in tones, such as midnight black or charcoal, reign supreme. Paired well with a dark cabinetry or dark flooring, these cooler-toned dark countertops are sleek, modern and look great in just about any contemporary space, bringing depth and substance to a room’s rich design. For a flattering and lively contrast, a light wood or a solid mid tone cabinetry, may be a perfect fit to highlight its chicer angle in a lighter kitchen or bathroom.

If you decide to go for a dark countertop palette, it helps to have ample light sources, whether natural or added. This will keep the space feeling warm and sophisticated rather than oppressive.

3. Flecked, Softly-veined

One of the most coveted countertop finishes is a natural stone or engineered slab with a light multi-tonal grain to achieve a refine neutral freshness. Although, not as eye-catching as pure white counterparts, this pale tone works better in a more traditional home design and smaller spaces, bringing out variance in your kitchen or bathroom and complimenting both light and dark cabinetry. For texture and colour combinations, we recommend pairing it with brass or grey accents.

4. Swirl of the Ocean

Accentuated by a nuanced palette of neutral tone veins, swirled countertops are on-trend with their bold live-edge. Whether it’s throughout the entire space or used as a focal point at the center island, its unique artistic element will ignite your kitchen and bathroom revamp and instantly take it an entirely new level of marvellous.


Of course, feel free to spice things up with your own personalise flair and freedom to design! Be adventurous and have fun! It is not necessary to stick to just one countertop colour, shake things up by coupling a light colour island countertop with a darker colour for your surrounding countertops or vice versa.


Colour, an essential element of kitchen design, will inadvertently set the tone of your kitchen’s personality. Thus, take a step back and look at your project as the sum of many parts: cabinet, appliance, countertops, wall, flooring. If there is no cohesion between the countertops and furnishings, the visual harmony in your kitchen will fall apart.

Typically, we will advise to select two main colours (warm or cool neutral backdrop) that are complementary to each other and play with an accent colour to give a brighter, dramatic pop of colour to the space.


Similarly, other than practical and budget considerations, countertops are often within peripherals – occupying a significant portion of your visual space. To create that magazine-worthy bathroom, consider the myriad of patterns and “movements” that occur in natural stone countertops, appreciating the uniqueness in every piece.


A simple change in colour can refurbish your kitchen in major ways, making the heart of your home shine like never before.

At Roxwell, we believe your home should reflect you. With minimum fuss and maximum flexibility, we will curate the right shades and colour schemes that matches your style and budget, transforming your kitchen from lustreless to opulent.

Don’t take things for granite. Plan early!

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