What comes to mind when you think of murals? A hand-crafted art on a surface? Or do you see beyond its visuals.

Mural art inherently differs from all other forms of pictorial art in that it is organically connected with architecture. Taking form of valuable testimony of life, religion and patriotic theme from the prehistoric time to today, these murals provides priceless knowledge of diversity, history and predecessors.

Fast-forward to today’s digital age, murals instantly transform a space in an impactful way of channelling feelings and dramatically changing city landscapes into a form of modern marketing.

Let us take you through the transformative journey of murals and mediums:


Source: Michelangelo - Creation of Adam (Wikipedia)

Lifted from the Italian word for ‘fresh’, Fresco is celebrated as one of the most significant mural-making techniques in art history, prominently in Italian Renaissance. It refers to applying water-based pigments directly onto freshly mixed plaster. Unlike conventional paint over dry plaster, the pigment becomes an integral part of the wall, making for durable works of art.

Among the greatest influential works of fresco painting are:

  • The Sistine Chapel Ceiling and The Last Judgement by Michelangelo

  • The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci

  • The School of Athens – Raphaello


Morphed out of ‘Graffiti’ vandalism and quickly progressed into a unique form of artistic expression in urban areas, street art became a subversive art movement where work is publicly displayed, sanctioned by authorities. It paints nostalgic memories of yesteryear, pay homage and uplift a quiet corner with bright colourful murals. While some artists are keeping their art practices closer to aerosol spray paints, there are some who are emerging with new mediums such as stencil art, wheat pasting and wood blocking.

Gaining mainstream acceptance, street art has sprung up with private institutions as well as government bodies embracing them to spruce up their space- invading cafes, schools and galleries.

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