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Reinstatement Works in Singapore

As part of the precondition of the termination handover, landlords in Singapore typically require tenants to reinstate their property back to the way it was prior to the lease.

Intending to leave your office space due to a lapsed lease or relocating to your new office space? Continue to read on.

Why do you need reinstatement?

In most contracts in Singapore, the reinstatement clause states the leased space should be returned in its original or in agreed upon condition. This means all tenants are contractually obligated to follow and failing to do so, gives the landlord the right to deduct the reinstatement amount from the deposit or take legal action.

What does reinstatement entail?

Many think reinstatement works is a one-time job. In some cases, it may be true where there were minimal structural and design modification done.

However, the reinstatement process is far more than returning the place back to its bare shell state, there are necessary legal and unique requirements to be considered. The complexity is dependent on the extent of the original remodel, some requiring more laborious work than others.

Some scope of reinstatement works include, but not subjected to:

- Meeting local building laws

- Meeting local OH&S laws

- Reviewing risk assessment

- Terminating, relocating and reinstalling all electrical and data components

- Hacking and demolishing structural work

- Removing partition walls and false ceilings

- Removing floor finishes

- Removing of existing furniture and workstations

- Dismantling and removing of internal doors, curtains and blinds

- Restoring fire safety components to its original position

- Repainting walls to its original colour

The Cost of Reinstatement work

There are no fix rate for reinstatement works. The costing varies from the scale of the project, location of office, extends of elements to be removed, disposed and reinstalled. A site visit is requested from appointed contractor to understand the works required before formulating a formal quotation to ensure repair and reinstatement rate is accurately calculated and reasonable.

Handing over without involvement

Not all contractors are the same! And their experience level differs. Likewise, for renovation, engaging a contractor with no specialized credential for reinstatement is a recipe for disaster.

For a smooth handover and to avoid bearing the brunt of a lawsuit, seek for a trusted contractor who is familiar with reinstatement works to handle all the tedious pressure for you and restore the property fully to the landlord’s satisfaction.

LOOK OUT FOR THIS! Good contractors with deep knowledge of construction and building standards, will be at least a bizSAFE 3 certified.

Get your reinstatement done at a Professional Yet Economical way

We understand reinstatement work is time-sensitive in nature and no easy task. Let us take care it, while you focus on your main business!


With our extensive experience, Roxwell will provide quality and professional commercial and industrial reinstatement for project of all sizes, including handling all administrative matters and directly liaising with the building management on your behalf to prevent any handover issues.

Moving of Old to New office?

To add value to our service, we also package a design and build contract with the reinstatement of their old premises to minimize cost.

You can count on us for the MOST COMPETITIVE rates of in Singapore. Contact us for a free consultation

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